Benjamin Gundgaard

I am the founder of CustomerSense and I help companies sell more online.

E-commerce Expert 

In 2004 I decided to found CustomerSense as I would like to help high-end E-commerce companies sell more based on higher Customer Conversion- and Retention Rates. This I have enjoyed doing ever since with a international client list that today includes renowned companies such as GE, Momondo, Santander, and many more. 

#1 International Bestseller 

I am the author of two books and my recent book — Smartphone E-commerce — is a #1 International Bestseller in 8 countries. The book is a complete STEP-by-STEP guide that helps you build high-end Mobile E-commerce stores. 

CustomerSense Academy

In 2019 I launched CustomerSense Academy, which is a High-End three course E-commerce training programme that makes you an E-commerce Master. The course has been completed by companies such as IKEA, LEGO, Pandora, and many more.


In 2021 I co-founded CustomerScale, which is a high-performing E-commerce platform, build on more than 20+ years of E-commerce Experience, well-tested templates and proven principles.

Customer Centric E-commerce

To build a successful E-commerce store, many disciplines must walk hand in hand which can be difficult to achieve. Due to this, I have created a well-tested process which makes sure that commercial goals, technology, design, usability, personalization and sales are intelligently united. The process focuses on the customer’s needs, desires and aspirations throughout the entire development cycle.

Documented results

Based on this process, I have helped my clients improve their revenue by 15% to 300% (some more).

I only help companies which I can help maximize their online sales significantly, based on realistic business cases. 

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