Benjamin Gundgaard – a renowned speaker

If you are planning an E-commerce conference or a seminar, I will guarantee to deliver high-end knowledge and inspiration, based on documented results. 

As a speaker, I enjoy to give you tools and insights you can implement directly in your E-commerce store. My speaking style is engaging, pragmatic, open, direct, professional, and case-based. 

High ratings
I always receive high ratings in the range of 90% to 95% when speaking at conferences and seminars, especially due to the fact that I am not afraid to hand out all my knowledge, tools and tips. 

My conference feedback 

” Excellent presentation with tons of valuable info. Smooth flow.”
” He is really skilled. ”
” I could implement most of his examples directly into my own web shop. ”
” Good examples, many cool findings which I can definitely make use of. ”
” It was excellent. ”
” You get a lot of information in a very appropriate flow. Very trustworthy. ”
” He has a clear message which I learned a lot from. ”
” I learned a lot about E-commerce Usability and what it costs to make mistakes. “
” He is a major talent! ”
” Very interesting and he is good at story-telling. ”
” Really good! Inspiring and with a clear focus. ”
” Benjamin is definitely worth recommending to any E-commerce professional. “