Benjamin Gundgaard

Benjamin Gundgaard is an E-commerce Expert with 18 years of experience, a #1 International Bestseller and Founder of CustomerSense — an International E-commerce Consultancy.


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Predict what your customer will buy

“ Do you send identical “newsletters” and campaigns to all your customers? Then I will let you in on a much more efficient way of boosting your sales by retaining customers with personalized e-mails. “

Founder of


I have worked professionally with E-commerce since 2001 and cannot imagine a more interesting job. 

In 2004 I founded CustomerSense — a high-end E-commerce Consultancy — since I would like to help companies maximize their commercial potential. 

Since then, I have helped my clients achieve revenue increases in the range of 15% to 300% and my client list includes a wide range of international e-commerce companies such as GE, Momondo, Santander, and many more.