Conversion rate optimization in 187 steps

The core of conversion rate optimization revolves around getting more visitors to purchase a good or a service. In this blog post you will find no less than 187 specific and free tips that I suggest you print and utilize when optimizing your e-commerce website from A-Z. The tips are based on more than 100

How to convert and retain customers (Podcast)

This podcast gives you a complete insight on how to improve your customer conversion rate and how to retain more customers in your web store. Enjoy. [powerpress] Why this podcast? This podcast is based on a successful Danish podcast by SEO Expert Thomas Rosenstand and myself (Benjamin Gundgaard) about conversion rate optimization. The Danish podcast has

Banner blindness kills your banners

Every year companies spend millions of dollars buying online banners. However, very few people click them. In this post I’ll tell you why and how to fix this problem. Few simple changes will make a world of difference.   Banner blindness Today banners are a main part of home- and “landing pages”. However, most banners

Is 97% of your marketing budget a waste of money?

Every year companies spend millions of dollars on marketing; AdWords, banners, SEO (search engine optimization), TV commercials, affiliate programs, etc. However, approx. 97 – 98 % of all those millions do not create any revenue. A waste of money?  Only 2-3 % of your customers buy your products The reason for this is, that only