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Most E-commerce Search Trackings are incorrect

Why? Because they only track searches made based on a search input such as "jean", activated by either hitting the Enter key or a click on the search icon / button. However; today most searches actually are carried out based on customers clicking the search suggestions, such as "jeans" -- ... Read more

Predict what your customer will buy

Do you send identical "newsletters" and campaigns to all your customers? Then I will let you in on a much more efficient way of boosting your sales by retaining customers with personalized e-mails. Personalized e-mails One of the most efficient ways to retain customers is to send them ... Read more

Most A/B split tests are done wrong

A/B split tests are excellent tools to discover which page or feature that performs the best. However; most A/B split tests are done wrong -- learn why What is an A/B split test? With A/B split tests you discover which of two different versions of a page, feature, etc. that performs the ... Read more