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Most E-commerce Search Trackings are incorrect

Why? Because they only track searches made based on a search input such as "jean", activated by either hitting the Enter key or a click on the search icon / button. However; today most searches actually are carried out based on customers clicking the search suggestions, such as "jeans" -- ... Read more

Never let your Shopping Cart stand alone

I have carried out more than 250 user tests and I often notice that customers are uncertain if they have added a product to the Shopping Cart or not and where to find the Shopping Cart.  In a major survey carried out by NN Group some years ago approx. 5% of all customers actually struggled with ... Read more

Most A/B split tests are done wrong

A/B split tests are excellent tools to discover which page or feature that performs the best. However; most A/B split tests are done wrong -- learn why What is an A/B split test? With A/B split tests you discover which of two different versions of a page, feature, etc. that performs the ... Read more

How to convert and retain customers (Podcast)

This podcast gives you a complete insight on how to improve your customer conversion rate and how to retain more customers in your web store. Enjoy. Why this podcast?This podcast is based on a successful Danish podcast by SEO Expert Thomas Rosenstand and myself (Benjamin Gundgaard) about ... Read more

Banner blindness kills your banners

Every year companies spend millions of dollars buying online banners. However, very few people click them. In this post I'll tell you why and how to fix this problem. Few simple changes will make a world of difference.   Banner blindness Today banners are a main part of home- and "landing ... Read more

Is 97% of your marketing budget a waste of money?

Every year companies spend millions of dollars on marketing; AdWords, banners, SEO (search engine optimization), TV commercials, affiliate programs, etc. However, approx. 97 - 98 % of all those millions do not create any revenue. A waste of money?  Only 2-3 % of your customers buy your ... Read more